I usually do not publicly share personal details about what takes place at my home and studio. With having a family I try to keep as much privacy as possible, so as to have a private life that remains private. But I feel I have to disclose something wonderful that happened last week. A new friend, with whom I was just starting to build a relationship, a fellow drum and bass producer, happened to have a gig four hours south of my home in the United States. When I learned this, we discussed the possibility of our schedules coinciding in such a way that we could join together for a week of drum and bass band camp. After confirming the dates, we made it happen. Upon his arrival I felt a synergy between us that was based on a mutual love of the production and creation of drum and bass. That alone was a great place to start. It would not be long before I realized that he is an awesome human being as well. Eating meals together, followed by sharing philosophies of life, art and the evolution of drum and bass...our immediate connection stimulated the coproducing of a drum and bass mix. After completing the incredible audio recording and sending it off to our mastering house for unbiased ears, Jonathan a/k/a Invalid pulled out his video software and editing equipment. It was one of those moments of serendipity where we let the mix roll, and he recorded the video live and on the fly like the pro that he is. No preplanned or preset loops or samples, just live mixing via a video trackpad/controller. After a great day in the studio, we retired to the dining area to break bread together, including my fiancé and editor of DNB United, Xtene. After dinner we threw in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods on STARZ network. Watching this amazing British authors novel come to life on the screen, and so well done, was an added bonus for my new friend and fellow artist. We enjoyed cocktails, smoke and a mutual appreciation for the cinematography and storyline together before calling it a night. Each day started with making pots of hot coffee and streaming some of my favorite liquid drum and bass to start the day, and to set the mood for the studio session. Once in the studio, everything just fit together flawlessly. We ended each work day with another episode of American Gods, often talking about which parts of the dialogue we would sample, because in real time we were discovering that we were literally getting the same ideas at the same time and laughing out loud that our new artistic connection was allowing us to finish each other sentences... I remember at one point screaming, “get out of my brain!” LOL.

I would write out the days schedule in the morning, and by the end of the day, we would cross off the list all of our tasks, successfully completed. I have to say, it was no struggle at all to complete them. If anything, I felt so grateful and understood how much easier, and how much more pleasant, it is to have a coproducer to work with. Some of our greatest moments as producers are never seen by others, rather, they are experienced alone, late at night, in a room by ourselves. This time, that was not the case at all. We were doing drops in between songs on the mix, and nailing it, followed by high fives and “fuck yeah”s!I had admitted to him, with no hesitation, what a great experience it was to be working side-by-side with him. Jonathan responded that he was feeling the same. Only a real producer can appreciate what I’m talking about. By the end of the week we had formed a foundation for a great friendship that went beyond the studio. This was only possible because of our connection that started at the place where we celebrate the art, culture and evolving sound of drum and bass, which was dnbunited.com. I was honored and grateful for the opportunity last year when we promoted Invalid’s drum and bass release on the website. What I love about Jonathan, amongst many things, is the huge leap of faith that he took in contacting me and letting me know that he was performing just four hours south of my home. He then asked if it was possible, that if he rented a car and drove north , could I carve the time out of my studio schedule to get together for a week of band camp, where we could share our current drum and bass projects. Sharing tips of technology and production methods, as well as our personal energy and individual styles. Finally, this allowed us to come together and to produce something brand new that was not on the schedule the week before. The result was the latest audiovisual Neurofunk United State of Drum and Bass, coproduced mix featuring Invalid and BC9. The result is over 32k plays over the last five days! The most successful mix to date, since I launched our monthly podcast The United State of Drum and Bass two years ago. To say it was an honor and a pleasure to tune in and drop out into a producers workshop, as well as to make a true new friend...one that had the balls to take a leap of faith and head north for no other reason than to create some new drum and bass with a producer, who he only knew from doing a promotion with for his last release, over a year ago. The point of this whole story is if you want to create something brand new and challenge yourself -you have to take risks roll the dice! Because Jonathan and I decided to do this together the result was something bigger than both of us that shared across the globe has reached tens of thousands of listeners and lit a creative fire 🔥 in both of us that has sustained new projects currently now in progress that we’re not there before. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect and say thanks Jonathan it was a great week and I really look forward to what the future brings. Just like we said on the podcast bro - Stay Raw, stand tall drum and bass takes all. Best ,your friend Jason a.k.a. BC9.👍

Just passed 32.9k plays on SoundCloud alone! if you want to know why-listen. dnb producer invalid & bc#9 put a few days together and produced this massive neurofunk mix to help celebrate the art, culture and evolving sound of dnb and the new release of mefjus' album manifesto do yourself a favor and head over to dnb united.com and check out the full post and support your favorite dnb artist by buying their latest release.special thanks to dnb artist/ producer and vj invalid for taking the time to come to the dnb bandcamp that i hosted in dallas texas this past week. So it is without any doubt that Mefjus has hit his mark with his latest album Manifest on Vision Recordings. It’s as if Martin (known as Mefjus) took everything from his background (in electronic music and Neurofunk DNB) and used the combined experience to create a hybrid of the best in DNB available today. The Sirens EP in my opinion, is one of the greatest Neurofunk tracks I have ever heard.

The Sirens is the pre-release to the full release Manifest to follow.The song takes you on such a musical journey that at the end, I was almost in tears. The composition was so dark and beautiful at the same time that it touched my heart and soul. That doesn’t happen to me very often. As a producer myself, I was producing this months podcast and when choosing the tracks, The Sirens was and is at the top of my list. Mefjus was kind enough to sit down with founder/artist BC#9 of DNB United Records for an exclusive interview, focusing on what inspired this new release, and what plugins were used in creating it. There will be something for the fans, as well as for other DNB artists that want to talk about the infinite question...just how did he get that bass sound? Mefjus comes to us as a single producer showing the listener how he can record beautiful soundscapes that are animated and layered deeply, resulting in a haunting and beautiful electronic sound, that if you love those kinds of digital sounds, this will not disappoint. Mefjus shows that he's not in any way just a one trick pony. He is a multi-dimensional artist /musician and producer with a voice and a style all of his own. His art will speak to you on more than one level, I promise. This is modern, crisp and something refreshingly new and exciting from the evolving DNB sub-genre Neurofunk. Be sure to buy or stream The Sirens and experience it yourself, you’ll be happy you did. INVALID + BC#9 produced the latest edition of dnbunited.com's monthly podcast The United State Of Drum+Bass. Featuring all the latest Neurofunk DNB just released in the last month. Included is a wicked mashup of Deadcode's Goliath & Noisia's Sinkhole. Jason Bakes founder dnbunited.com. DNB United would like to thank Invalid for co-producing & co-hosting The United State Of Drum+Bass.



01. “Hold your Colours”. (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum 02. “Restless” (Joe Ford Remix) - Rawtekk 03. “Earthquake” Cod3x 04. “The Sirens” Mefjus 05. “Broken Pieces - ft Nihils” (Culture Shock Remix) - Camo & Krooked 06. “Lotus Flower” Logistics 07. “Sink Hole” Noisia (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 08. “Goliath” *Jungle Demon "Succa Rat" Deadcode (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 09. “Sunday Grunge” Whiney 10. “Hypnosis -ft. MC Subliminal” Revaux

BᏟ#➒ is the founder of dnb◉united records and the host of The United State Of DNB. DNBUNITED.COM is a community of industry professionals who donate their time and skills to bring you a website and radio show that celebrates the art, culture and the evolving sound of drum+bass. Subscribe @dnbunited.com.I normally don’t allow sound to destroy my ears live or in the studio. The raw nature of the latest DNB UNITED podcast figuratively and physically accomplished pure carnage of sound pressure upon my hearing. In this specific case, it was a rare privilege that I won’t forget. On Behalf of the UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS, hosts BC#9 and myself INVALID present a 10 track 30:37 Podcast of the latest blistering Neurofunk madness raging across the globe.Written by INVALID.

Mastered by Adam Vinsant Groove Logic Productions. groovelogic.audio Mixed @Studio9 BC#9 Edited by Xtene16 VIDEO FX BY Jonathan Loser aka Invalid Animation by Jason Bakes aka BC#9 Follow Invalid @instagram


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