Doctrine - Parabol // Block Hugger // Hamilton Shut Up / Believe In Me // Subview Isolation EP // Ra

Artist Doctrine returns to the twenty-five year strong drum & bass imprint Ram Records for another double-sided single which highlights why his music was initially picked up by the label. Having built his core fan base amongst the thriving European live circuit, at festivals such as Belgian’s pivotal Rampage Festival, Doctrine came under Ram’s radar when his cross-pollination of styles gained him a notorious reputation from club to club. And after he was added to the track list of Ram’s definitive 2016 annual, the producer was offered a standalone single. ‘Panopticon’ and ‘Thunder’ introduced Doctrine to an even wider audience, where his technical prowess was picked up by label head Andy C on his exclusive Beats 1 radio show. The next offering from Doctrine once again defines his versatile musical landscape. Both tracks ‘Parabol‘ and ‘Block Hugger’ give a snapshot into what platform he’s created himself as an artist, having dived into a range of dance subgenres and pulled out the elements which translates his energy behind the decks through his music. A-side ‘Parabol’ rattles with skating percussion and explodes into life with a thumping undercurrent of bass. As one layer is added to the next, you’re driven down an almighty drop, one peddled with crashing drum loops and wobbling subs. On the reverse, ‘Block Hugger’ comes hard and fast, punching through with smashing breaks and sliced, warbling samples. ‘Block Hugger’ is a war cry for the heaviest of nights and it proves how devastating Doctrine’s cuts are on dancefloors. His forthcoming output proves his signature is becoming more refined; as a result, his name is becoming a staple on line ups across the globe with Ram’s support.

Ram Records veteran Hamilton has been notably absent from the pivotal imprint’s release schedule, which is why his forthcoming single ‘Shut Up / Believe’ in me will be met with both relief and anticipation. It once again platforms Hamilton’s enviable skill, one he’s spent decades honing and a skill which saw him enter the ranks of drum & basses most beloved label. ‘Shut Up / Believe in Me’ is a testament to this success, showcasing his aptitude as both a DJ and artist by channeling his energy into every level of its production. Whilst ‘Shut Up’ ricochets with the same no-holds-barred aggression prevalent throughout the harder styles of Hamilton’s back catalogue, ‘Believe in Me’ follows a different path, more reminiscent of his liquid undertakings. His steppy, dancefloor record and vocal-set pleaser presents a double-sided single to signify that Hamilton is truly back. And he brings with him years of experience as well as the unique, explosive talent drum & bass fans have been missing.

For the sixtieth instalment of Program’s discography, Subview returns for his second release, proving the underground prowess the imprint has maintained itself since it was launched by sister-label Ram Records. The four-track EP is a demonstrative package of the hard-lined, unforgiving beats which Subview manages to streamline throughout each one of his offerings. Each track, from ‘Isolation’ to ‘Music’, helps build his musical identity and it’s one which Program has been proud to give a platform to. Whilst opening track ‘Isolation’ provides a minimal and percussive, yet chaotic approach to Subview’s sound, the clanking snares of ‘Reload’ adds to the EP’s weight. Coming next, ‘Every Time’ is just as defining with growling atmospherics and a deceptive intro. And ‘Music’ delivers the final blow, with its liquid undercurrent and padded notes drawing you deep into its mix. They nod to the soundscape Subview is able to effortlessly tap into, a talent picked up instantly by the label’s A&R.