Mefjus Manifest // Exclusive Interview // Including the production notes of making the album.We talk

  • What was the inspiration for The Sirens?

  • The Sirens is based on 2 tracks / project idea: a musical theme and my take on early 2000's drum and bass.

The musical theme of the song was something I did in a very late stage of the album process. I wanted to create an outro vibe for the album that sort of sends the listener out of the album.

At first it was just this musical piece but then I decided to merge it with one of my other layouts, the project that was a hat-tip towards a past era of drum and bass.

It took me quite a while to get the projects merged in a way that made sense, but ultimately I am very happy with it and think it's probably the most sophisticated song writing on the album.

What DAW did you records the release with?

  • Although I did have a few sound design sessions using Ableton Live, this album is basically 100% produced, mixed and mastered with Steinberg's Cubase.

  • Can you tell me your three favourite plug ins that you used on this release?

  • Xfer – Serum

Everything from FabFilter

Everything from Melda

  • As far as the beats you are using, do you have a specific drum machine of choice?

Most of the drums where produced in a similar approach. I was Making a synthetic fundamental of kick and snare which then would be layered with actual drum samples and/or Foley recordings. Ultimately trying to achieve a natural feeling drum sound that is super controlled.

  • Let’s talk bass…since most producers create their own channel strips/patches these days. What are your favourite plug ins for bass?

For this album I mostly used Xfer's – Serum for almost all the bass sounds. In a couple of songs I still used Native Instrument's – FM8, but Serum really replaced that as my go to synth.

  • With the growing popularity of Neurofunk, are there any artists within the genre that you would like to collaborate with?

  • I wouldn't limit myself to a genre or subgenre when it comes to working with other people.

I would try to get along with the other party on a personal level and ideally not hate what music said person makes :D. There are people I want to work with but I am not a big fan of name dropping when it comes to that. When the time is right an opportunity will present itself I am sure.

Where will you be touring this year?

  • I am now touring the album in a large run of club shows, festivals, a dedicated tour in Austria in Fall and potentially tour the album in AUS/NZL and the US. As for new music nothing is set in stone yet as after this 17 track – 2 year – mission I am going to take a little studio break, to find out what I want to do next :)

On behalf of DNB United I would like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Congratulations your release. Jason Bakes / DNB United Records.

So it is without any doubt that Mefjus has hit his mark with his latest EP The Sirens the pre-release to his full-length release Manifest on Vision Recordings. It’s as if Martin (known as Mefjus) took everything from his background (in electronic music and Neurofunk DNB) and used the combined experience to create a hybrid of the best in DNB available today. The title track The Sirens, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Neurofunk tracks I have ever heard. The song takes you on such a musical journey that at the end, I was almost in tears. The composition was so dark and beautiful at the same time that it touched my heart and soul. That doesn’t happen to me very often. As a producer myself, I was producing this months podcast and when choosing the tracks, The Sirens was and is at the top of my list. Mefjus was kind enough to sit down with founder/artist BC #9 of DNB United Records for an exclusive interview, focusing on what inspired this new release, and what plugins were used in creating it. There will be something for the fans, as well as for other DNB artists that want to talk about the infinite question…just how did he get that bass sound? Mefjus comes to us as a single producer showing the listener how he can record beautiful soundscapes that are animated and layered deeply, resulting in a haunting and beautiful electronic sound, that if you love those kinds of digital sounds, this will not disappoint. Mefjus shows that he’s not in any way just a one trick pony. He is a multi-dimensional artist /musician and producer with a voice and a style all of his own. His art will speak to you on more than one level, I promise. This is modern, crisp and something refreshingly new and exciting from the evolving DNB sub-genre Neurofunk. Be sure to buy or stream Manifest and experience it yourself, you’ll be happy you did. Exclusive interview released by The release is available now just by clicking the photo below.Jason Bakes founder​

01. “Hold your Colours”. (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum 02. “Restless” (Joe Ford Remix) - Rawtekk 03. “Earthquake” Cod3x 04. “The Sirens” Mefjus 05. “Broken Pieces - ft Nihils” (Culture Shock Remix) - Camo & Krooked 06. “Lotus Flower” Logistics 07. “Sink Hole” Noisia (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 08. “Goliath” *Jungle Demon "Succa Rat" Deadcode (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 09. “Sunday Grunge” Whiney 10. “Hypnosis -ft. MC Subliminal” Revaux