Metalheadz // OneMind Presents OneMind (Album Sampler) Paradox Toprock / Orion // Block & Escher

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Brought together by their mutual love for meditative music, OneMind were born. The self-titled OneMind album project blurs the gap between jungle, dub and electronica, with each production detailed enough that new sounds are discovered on every listen, something that the duo have stated they feel is missing from modern electronic dance music. The music created under this moniker consists of an array of ideas influenced by a melting pot of creative freedom, which OneMind are now ready to share in the form of a 17-track album preceded by a 2-track sampler.

Released May 11, 2018 on Metalheadz.

The Metalheadz back catalogue features almost every major figure in the history of drum and bass, and is one of the most innovative labels out there, consistently crossing boundaries with its releases since 1994. The labels output continues to showcase a maturing genre of music that displays influences from reggae, hip-hop, house and techno with highly-sophisticated and intricately-produced tracks, contrary to the image of the music that is typically presented by the mass media. Releasing music from some of the biggest names out there whilst at the same time pushing and letting new talent break through are the reasons why Metalheadz continues to stay at the forefront of drum and bass. The stable is currently home to Goldie, Lenzman, Jubei, Commix, Ulterior Motive, Artificial Intelligence, Dom & Roland, OneMind, Mikal, Blocks & Escher and SCAR. The Metalheadz label was also the driving force behind the seminal Sunday Session Club Nights, which achieved legendary status at London's Blue Note club. Today, Metalheadz club nights are often sell outs with the label also regularly hosting stages at some of the biggest festivals across the world.

Despite appearing on the label many times over the years, Paradox’s new single will be his solo debut on Metalheadz. Teeming with funk, the two-track release carries huge influences from hip hop and b-boy culture and serves as a reminder why Paradox consistently stands out in the genre.