SCAR Out Of Perspective EP /Jubei & Marcus Intalex /SB81 - Future Point EP/Metalheadz

Only a month on from their ‘Born Again EP’ SCAR are back delivering yet another collection of heaters, this time on Metalheadz Platinum. The ‘Out Of Perspective EP’ explodes with more gnarly breaks and basses and features their own ‘2 Bad Mice-inspired’ remix of the title track (which released as part of the last EP) alongside two further vinyl tracks full of groove and funk. The ravey digital bonus ‘Follow Me’ rounds off the latest SCAR instalment.

Released 6th July 2018 on Metalheadz.

United through friendship, music and a love of wine, Jubei and Marcus Intalex made these tracks over the course of two meetings in Manchester.

They found that their ideas nearly always complimented each other resulting in music that reflected both of their personalities, ensuring that Marcus’ talent, creativity and humour lives on.

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Single release date:

22 June 2018

‣ Available here: ‣ Website/Bandcamp release date: 11 June 2018 ‣ General release date: 15 June 2018

Some of SB81’s most distinguished work yet makes its way onto his ‘Future Point EP’, with dark soundscapes and tough breaks present throughout, etching the next steps of the Wolverhampton based producer’s Metalheadz journey.