Maltin Worf - City of Meth I EP Defrostatica Records

This is such a great release! A modern aproach of electronica, Hip Hop and beats that go pow! I havent taken it out of my decks for the last two weeks.I highly recoment you give this one a listen.BC#9.Maltin Worf is a B-boy at heart with roots in HipHop and Rap. Inspired by Madlib and J Dilla he started flexing his production skills in online beat battles, exploring glitch and wonky beats. Four years ago he won the annual Laptop Battle in Dresden where he started experimenting with jungle breakbeats after a mind-expanding trip on mushrooms and Amon Tobin.His EP debut "City of Meth I" is about introspection in a hostile environment. His 160 bpm tracks represent his struggle in both euphoric and dark melancolic ways with the music as the only winner. It's a raw statement of an upcoming talent."City of Meth I" is a Bandcamp exclusive release. Watch out for part two on 12" vinyl later this summer.Artwork: Peter M. Hoffmann Mastering: WATTA Sound.

out now: as pay what you want download exclusively on Bandcamp