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Release Date: 08/17/2018 Catalog: DICA007 Artist: Maltin Worf Title: City of Meth II EP Format: 12" vinyl & digital Tracklist: A1 Dream / 04:23 A2 Old Love / 05:02 B1 Clave / 03:52 B2 Rock On / 04:01 ABOUT MALTIN WORF Maltin Worf is a B-boy at heart with roots in HipHop and Rap. Inspired by Madlib and J Dilla he started flexing his production skills in online beat battles, exploring glitch and wonky beats. Four years ago he won the annual Laptop Battle in Dresden where he started experimenting with jungle breakbeats after a mind-expanding trip on mushrooms and Amon Tobin. Leipzig based Defrostatica Records discovered his visions and built a close relationship over the last two years, nurturing his skills and abilities. Like Schmeichel (Alteration EP / DICA006) Maltin Worf belongs to the growing local roster of talents in the field of bass music the label chose to work with. His debut appeared on "Future Sound of Leipzig" Compilation (DICC001, May 2018), the track called "All My Money" and turned heads with relentless amen choppage and an up-front message. CITY OF METH I EP In early summer 2018 Maltin Worf layed out five breakbeats on 160 bpm with an unhealthy dose of withdrawal from reality as the leitmotif on "City of Meth I EP". He told the spiraling story about dark jungle euphoria to slamming halfbeats of despair and self-abanonment in an original and enthralling way. The EP was released on 06/10/2018 as a pay what you want Bandcamp exclusive: CITY OF METH II EP In early summer 2018 Maltin Worf layed out five breakbeats on 160 bpm with an unhealthy dose of withdrawal from reality as the leitmotif on "City of Meth I EP". He told the spiralling story about dark jungle euphoria to slamming half-tempo beats of despair and self-abandonment in an original and enthralling way. The follow up "City of Meth II EP" arose from his moments of introspection and lead to a self-forgiving and energised phase of life. With a critical view of his environment Maltin Worf produced four kicking tracks buzzing in the triangle of jungle, footwork and juke. A1 Dream - Is this the beginning or the end of a trip? The EP opener turns from matrix slow motion into a juke track stepper with bitter sweet soul sparkled all over. A2 Old Love - A minimalistic drum kit builds the tension in company with the lingering emotional hangover vocals. The 160 bpm track feels lightweight and stingy with a brass theme that could as well be from a 70s cop show. B1 Clave - The half-tempo claps are just the intro for a highly percussive street chaser. Acceleration’s coming not just from claves but from a short looped vocal that seems to overtake and falls back around the swinging beat. B2 Rock On - Swirling bells of positivity are ringing over a shuffling footwork beat as a foundation for Maltin Worf's most telling track. Nervous hi-hats, a sturdy bass and his trademark sample work makes you turn the record and set the needle back to track one. ONGOING DJ SUPPORT ★★★★★ "Love it!" – S.P.Y ★★★★★ "I LOVE THIS!! Listened to this while I was working away and it's lovely." - Alley Cat, Kokeshi ★★★★★ "PHAT EP ... full stop. Support! Best release so far imho, congrats." - Soulsurfer, Bassdrive ★★★★★ "Good stuff, really." - Overfiend, Bassdrive ★★★★★ "Nice beats!" - Stunnah, Bassdrive ★★★★★ "Quality release! Love this so much! All are great!" - Delta9 Recordings ★★★★ "Good stuff Defrostatica and Maltin Worf, feeling those breaks and vibes!" - Skalator Music ★★★★ "I like. Very much." - LydeBuddah, Headliner Magazine ★★★★ "Big release!!" - J Swif, DNB HQ Podcast ★★★ "Nice one - big ups!" - Moresounds City of Meth II EP will be released on 08/24/2018 as 12" vinyl and digital release. Distributed by SRD. Pre-order on Bandcamp and check out our release bundles t-shirt, vinyl, digital & streaming: Support Defrostatica Records and follow us on Bandcamp, thank you! artwork: Peter M. Hoffmann mastering: Watta Sound vinyl cut: Watta Sound distribution: SRD Robert Handrow Defrostatica Records Leipzig, Germany