Bad Taste Recordings/Vowel - Emerge EP/Billain feat. Redpill - System Failure [Extraction EP]

Billain feat. Redpill - System Failure [Extraction EP]

-After a long silence between the mysteries of his forthcoming album productions, an EP named "Extraction" has been formed. Set in the realm of his Blockfield, Colossus and Colonize releases, the EP is tied together by an ongoing sci-fi story which was written over many years in a nonlinear manner, and with each future release to be bound together, connecting into one. System Failure feat. Redpill is the first installment, keep locked for more.

Released September 11, 2018 on Bad Taste Recordings`

Tristate - clean vocal synthesized stabs with sharp transients. Pulse - Techno inspired track with repetitive elements and quite progressive. Emerge - plastic sounding stabs. Fletcher - Frank's brother....

Released August 24, 2018 on Bad Taste Recordings