Dzjengis - Noisia & Two Fingers/Proxima-Off Angle/Humanoid 2.0' by Eprom & Zeke Beats/No

INVISIBLE invites you to download an exclusive copy of 'Off Angle', an EP by Proxima, incl. the much anticipated 'Wubba Lubba', which has been a dubplate in Noisia sets for months. "Very happy and proud to work with the Noisia guys and with the outcome of this EP. Great engagement from the whole team throughout the process, and the artwork turned out sick. Hope you'll like the music, thanks for your support!" - Proxima.

Noisia Radio this week: ‘Dzjengis’ our brand new collab with Two Fingers aka Amon Tobin, a track made out of love for 808s, crusty synths, alternate tuning scales and Mezcal & Tonic. We also announce Proxima's ‘Off Angle’ EP, and an exclusive first play of our collab with The Upbeats for their No Sleep Til project. That’s a lot, enjoy!

00:48 Noisia & Two Fingers - Dzjengis [DIVISION] 05:40 Proxima - Cascade [INVISIBLE] 09:02 Phace - Isolated [NEOSIGNAL] 10:25 Animals In The Room & Zimbu - Heretics [DIVISION] 12:20 Malux - Turbine (Signal Remix) [DUB] 14:57 Dutta Ft. TI - One Round [SOUPED UP] 17:30 Shades - Alarma Ft. Killa P [DEADBEATS] 21:02 Lavance - Glaucus [COUNTERPOINT] 23:04 Redpill - Rub A Sub [BLACKOUT] 25:22 ALEPH - VHS Cereal [RENRAKU] 27:37 Stoner - Sweet Home [CRITICAL BINARY] 29:09 Bold Theory - Giant Eggplants [PROTOCODE] 30:19 Levela - Error [TECHNIQUE] 32:10 Monuman - Spectre [INSPECTED] 34:47 Abstract Elements - Myriapoda [INVISIBLE] 40:04 Gisaza - To The Moon (Diamond Rocks) [LISTENER SUBMISSION] 42:44 The Izu Kogen Jamboree Band for background music. 44:54 Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet Store [NO SLEEP TIL] 49:43 Gella - Itch & Scratch [BORN ON ROAD] 51:35 Snake & Wolf - Royal Gala [DUB] 53:12 Society Of Numbers - Split [DUB] 56:41 The Izu Kogen Jamboree Band for background music. 58:35 Nosaj Thing - Get Like [INNOVATIVE LEISURE]​

"Humanoid 2.0 was a really fun collaboration which started when we were staying at EPROM's place in Portland a couple years back. The idea came about when we discovered a new 'text to speech' VST which had just been released. Whilst eating breakfast we both purchased it and started playing around and we're hooked immediately. That morning we created the skeleton of the track. We’ve been sitting on this song for a couple of years now and are so stoked it’s finally out. Big ups to Noisia for allowing us to do that." - E&ZOut now on all digital platforms and 12" vinyl​.

Noisia Radio this week: Sinic’s 'Bitter Professional', taken from Solids_2, more Noer The Boy (Ganzfeld EP). New music by Redpill, Ivy Lab, Skeptical, Icicle, and Razat on a bitcrush tip. Get to listening!