CHRIZPY CHRIZ’s A.D.D EP./ Telekinesis - Beware EP

VALE continues their quest to curate the best in bass music with the release of CHRIZPY CHRIZ’s A.D.D EP. Composed of five tracks spanning a range of genres, most notably halftime and dubstep, the EP is unified by a pervasive dark bass mood that is a marked specialty of VALE. With previous releases on VALE as well as Gravitas Recordings, CHRIZPY CHRIZ set the tone for his twisted vibe with his release “Dialect” on VALE, which also received airtime on Noisia Radio. Now, CHRIZPY CHRIZ returns to VALE to debut a full 5 track EP of his signature sound.

The titular A.D.D opens the EP at frantic pace, as a tranquil atmosphere of distant chant is quickly torn through by the howls of a warped saw. Beneath this, a guttural bassline and skittering percussion convey unusual attitudes towards the controlled chaos of his sonics. Odd tonalities abound in MELTING FIGURES as the track’s lead shifts unexpectedly between notes, with this movement then mimicked by a contorted bass that operates under similar creative rules. The electronic bell tones of SCATTERED toll in preparatory calculation, serving as a prelude to a solitary bassline that punches its way to the forefront, forcing the echoes of those bells to reverberate in the distance. The machinations of THIEVES OF HAPPINESS are laid bare in its opening melody, which belies joy in tone but is obscured by distortions of ill intent. As its influence fades, the melody falls to a halftime drop that stalks the shadows, its steps marked by the hits of its percussion and hidden by the darkness of a creeping bassline. VOICES IN MY HEAD rises amongst a electrified lead, its energy growing until it is swallowed up by the emergence of an aberrant bassline that looms over the track’s resonant percussion with gargantuan presence.

The A.D.D EP sees CHRIZPY CHRIZ launch forward into new audio territories as he creates the uniquely crafted dark sounds that resonate with his unique personality. Released through VALE, there is a twin commitment present from both artist and label to expand the boundaries of bass music, resulting in new sonic experiences that define the sounds of the future.