Culprate - Others EP/Inspected Infectious PR

This is drum+bass at its best! A modern-day neurofunk dnb fusion release that has the teeth to bite and the meat to hold its form.Wicked production that allows the listener to join in the audio journey all the way down the rabbit hole.Some of the most brilliant soundscapes and layering I have ever heard.If I was rating this release I would have to check all the boxes and give it a five out of five.I will be listening to this one for a long time. Jason Bakes D+B United Records.

After five long years exploring the wilderness of his own musical cosmos, Bristol wayfarer Culprate returns to Inspected. A result of endless cross-pollination, collaboration and freeform formula demolishment, his latest offering spans an 8-track landscape of unique musicality in true Culprate style. Touching upon D&B, Dubstep, Glitch-hop and even Jazz, 'Others' EP is a kaleidoscopic affair, and arguably the producer's most impressive body of work to date.

After five long years exploring the wilderness of his own musical cosmos our blessed Bristol wayfarer Culprate returns. ‘Others’ is a near album sized booty of loot that’s dynamically, emotionally and musically up there with his evergreen ambitious crowdsourced album ‘Deliverance’: Culprate at his most eclectic, zero-f*ck-giving and inventive and narrative. Right down to an arrangement perspective, this is just as a satisfying experienced as a full body of work just as much as it is teasing, throttling and tickling folk up in the dance. ‘Alpha’ sets the tone. An opening beatless salvo pinning us into our chair, locking us into the floor. It bleeds into a ‘Inside’ a yearning two-step sojourn into the corners of Culprate’s most emotional psyche. He follows with ‘Jelly & Ice Cream’. Every bit as tasty and sugary sweet as its title, it’s a wobbly nod back to his glitch riddled past but with added gnarls and switches so sharp you won’t need to shave for weeks, maybe even years. Elsewhere ‘Helter’ is all coaster and no roller; wild junglisms and wily breakcore fracturisms tap into Culprate’s earliest roots while staring down the barrel of a 23rd century kaleidoscope. ‘Subsonics’ follows; rampant technoid D&B, it’s your own personal intergalactic bank robbery getaway soundtrack for when your life takes a turn for the worst in 2058. Don’t worry, the space cops never catch up with you. ‘Beast’ brings us back to reality and marks the eventual long road home. A safe space where lilting dreamy plucks float softly over a well tamed growl and there’s a tangible twang of jazz in the air before ‘No Words’ stops time with its powerful vocals, harmonies and balearic ebb and flow. Finally ‘At The Gates’ closes the body of work with touching poignancy and a trippiness that could be no other artist but Culprate. The crowd chants, the pianos echo, everything you’ve heard and loved throughout this half hour trip is brought together neatly, addictively, infectiously. The table’s still broken, your heart is still melting, you press play again…

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Culprate — Others + 8 Tracks + 12” Black Heavyweight Vinyl with Spined Sleeve + Includes Digital Download (upon release) + Limited edition Tee includes 'Inside VIP' 1. Alpha 2. Inside 3. Jelly & Ice-Cream 4. Helter 5. Subsonics 6. Beast 7. No Words (ft. Madison Malone) 8. At the Gates Available in 5 options: Standard £15 — "Others" Vinyl Bronze £20 — "Others" Vinyl + Artwork Print [30cm x 30cm] Silver £25 — "Others" Vinyl + Artwork Print (Signed Version) —LIMITED EDITION Gold £45 — "Others" Vinyl + Print + Culprate T-Shirt Deluxe £60 — "Others" Vinyl + Print + Culprate T-Shirt (Signed & Numbered) — LIMITED EDITION​ After five long years exploring the wilderness of his own musical cosmos ou r blessed Bristol wayfarer Culprate returns.​