Des McMahon - Space Candy / Cold

LA-based Des McMahon has long been a friend of the mighty Viper on the other side of the pond. With a strong history of releases on the label, including the recent hit ‘Pixelated’ on Bassrush 3.0 and his collaboration with Aktive on The Sound of Drum & Bass 2018, ‘Particle’, Des McMahon has been a continuous testament to the rising talent fostered in North America for several years. Now, scoring his first single release on the label, Des McMahon is once again turning heads with ‘Space Candy’ and ‘Cold’ feat. 'not sorry'. ‘Space Candy’ delivers glimmering, multifaceted melodies from the beginning, creating a unique, immersive atmosphere that is constantly changing. The drop simultaneously delivers soothing liquid vibes with a dancefloor punch, giving the track feel-good vibes with a punch. The flip side of the single is a collaboration with 'not sorry', the ice-cold killer ‘Cold’. Delivering spine-tingling, hair-raising, supernatural vibes, the track builds a truly ominous atmosphere from start to finish. Best described as cinematic neurofunk, the collaboration is a strong reminder of Des McMahon’s versatility as a producer and a reflection of the growing scene in North America as a whole. With such a diverse and masterful release, Des McMahon highlights not only his impeccable skills as a producer, but provides strong evidence as to the quality drum & bass coming out of North America as well. A fierce addition worthy of no less than the Viper VIP title, ‘Space Candy/Cold’ has certainly left it’s mark on the label’s global catalogue.

Released November 9, 2018 on Viper Recordings.