Drumsound & Bassline Smith vs Tantrum Desire - The Bomb/Jungle All The Way

Artist // Drumsound & Bassline Smith vs Tantrum Desire Release // The Bomb Label // Technique Recordings Release Date // 17.11.18 Given that Tantrum Desire has been one of the leading lights of Drumsound & Bassline Smith's Technique Recordings for years, it's surprising that there have been relatively few collaborations between them. So, since the announcement of their Technique International Sound live team-up, we've been breathlessly hoping that meant more DBS x TD sonic monsters would escape into the wild. And our prayers have been answered. Now, if you're calling a track “The Bomb”, you're clearly not here to play around. And, as this is the first time we've seen the Technique bosses' names on a track alongside Tantrum Desire's since their dynamite remix of TD's “Pump”, expectations are skyscraper high. As wailing sirens, militant percussion, and an almost orchestral assault of bass explode onto the scene, we've got an intro to make you sit up and take notice straight from bar number one. Then that gigantic, multi-stage, acid-flavoured rise towards the drop means that whatever's on its way is already worthy of a wheel up. And then “The Bomb” drops. Steel-toed kicks and jaw-breaking snares hit hard, but they're light on their feet, bouncing syncopated rhythms over the savagery of the bassline. And this tune isn't done yet. Another huge build switches up the focus and delivers us into strident, glistening stabs to keep the vibe heated. This is a monumental release from a group of producers who, even after all this time in the top tier, are still able to find new ways to light up a rave. It's multiple-megaton DnB.

The pioneering Drumsound & Bassline Smith have been part of the top echelon of drum ‘n’ bass producers for as long as they’ve been a going concern. No wonder, really, when you consider that their roots stretch back into the very earliest days of jungle.

The consolidation into the chart-busting, Technique-bossing, anthem-creating team they are today was simply a natural consequence of the trajectory they were on all along. Given that pedigree, the title, Jungle All the Way comes loaded with resonance. And from the very first inflammatory bass drone and militant kick, Drumsound & Bassline Smith lay out a powerful statement of intent.

You see, this is no purist old skool throwback. There are touches of neuro in the matching of the sinister pad with that bass. The sparse, rhythmically insistent beat might even suggest dark tech-edged jump-up. As the eponymous vocal sample signals the drop, we’re presented with the full picture. This is the panorama of contemporary drum ‘n’ bass seen through a junglist lens.

Those breaks, the classic booming bass switches, all delivered with the super-slick production for which Drumsound & Bassline Smith are envied. This is one for the heads, as they say, but it’s going to hit hard in any party for any crowd. This is, plain and simple, another banger from Drumsound & Bassline Smith that you need in your life.