Mefjus - (Signal Remix)Sizzle Fizzle (Circuits Rewire) VISION/Mefjus DJ Set @ Noisia Invites Groning

VISION invites you to download an exclusive copy of two new 'Manifest' album remixes. "Incredibly happy how Signal applies his signature sound on 'Together' making his remix a BANGER! Plus long term buddies Kasra and InsideInfo aka Circuits rewired 'Sizzle Fizzle'. Love the progression and how their remix rolls out. Enjoy!" - Martin (Mefjus) Out now on all digital platforms.

My Manifest

Manifest: The Making of Mefjus 2.0

My latest album ‘Manifest’ is the result of a two year process. In that period, a variety of people and music crossed my path and influenced the outcome. Here, you'll find the story of how the album found its form...

After the release of my first album ‘Emulation’ in October 2014, I spent a couple of days with Noisia and Hybris in Groningen (NL) to work on the tracks ‘Clusterfunk’ and ‘Reptilians’. During that time Thijs (Noisia) first mentioned (although I think jokingly) I should do something for Vision at some point. But after ‘Emulation’ I felt completely empty so I didn’t really consider it then.

Returning to Austria I just continued where I left and as time went by I finished other projects. Amongst other things, there was my remix of Ivy Lab’s ‘Sunday Crunk’, the feature on Noisia’s ‘Incessant EP’, my ‘Blitz EP’ and a collab single with InsideInfo for Virus Recordings.

Although there were several releases, I actually didn’t have much quality studio time to work on solo material in 2015. The year was mostly about touring. Meanwhile, it became some sort of a running gag that whenever I ran into one of the Noisia guys at a gig we would be joking about me doing something for them and that I should start sending them demos. But for some reason the timing didn’t feel right just yet.

The intense touring period in 2015 and beginning of 2016 had me stagnating and actually feeling quite unhappy with most of my songs in general. Creatively I wasn’t in the best place at that time. Late 2015 I finally started working on some new solo material and collabs with various people potentially shaping up to be a possible EP for Vision Recordings. Being quite unsure about the content I travelled to Groningen again to talk to Noisia about my demos.

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mefjus @Groningen 2018