Eatbrain073 / Task Horizon - Interlinked EP

TASK HORIZON return to EATBRAIN with the four track INTERLINKED EP, furthering their hi-tech drum & bass sound following the release of the Overclocking Reality EP on the label in February of 2018. The titular INTERLINKED leaps almost immediately into overdrive, surging forth from the gate with razor sharp basses and speeding percussion. Featured next is the IMMORTALITY PROTOCOL VIP, a reworking of their previous collaboration with MAGNETUDE that maintains the original’s cinematic atmosphere whilst warping its bassline into a sinister & swarming sonic texture. TASERFACE’s shocking syncopated rhythms impact with unparalleled power through their expression via devastatingly weaponised percussive elements. Closing the EP is TECHNOSH!T, which moves with steady pace as shimmering melodics float atop its motive beat. With INTERLINKED, TASK HORIZON once more display the unique synthesis of skill borne of their four-part collaborative effort, displaying their tech-fuelled sound with continued devotion.

Artist // Task Horizon (Feat. Magnetude) Release // Interlinked Label // Eatbrain Release Date // 20.12.2018 Beatport & 03.01.2019 Worldwide Suspended amongst a web of cables was a woman who stood upon the very precipice of humanity. Skin shared equal space with metal upon the surface of her body, and within her mind, neurons fired alongside a wealth of transistors. Into this mind flowed an endless torrent of information transmitted through the arterial cables surrounding her. Indeed, it was an interesting question whether her body truly ended at the edges of her human form or if it enveloped the whole of the facility itself, for without such symbiosis neither entity could survive. The woman’s existence was exemplary of an age old bargain brought violently into the future. In sacrificing her freedom to even move as she once did, the woman had acquired power unknowable to any other. From within the secret facility, the woman watched and listened to the city above through the vast network of cameras and sensors ever present in modern life. A modern mythological horror with a million eyes perched upon a web of her own knowledge, those select few who knew of her had given her a sinister name: The Spider. From her web she ruled from the shadows, her absolute knowledge operated upon by a network of agents in order to secure the desired outcome. They were her fangs, striking with speed and precision against any she deemed undesirable. From the shadows she poisoned the laws of the land, erasing or doctoring evidence to fit her specific narrative and paralyse any who would seek justice against her agents or come too close to discovering the truth. Her rule was absolute yet invisible, powerful yet without force. The city was hers and she was the city, for in her web all things were INTERLINKED.