Jungle Demon, a tale of twists and turns, darkness, & the ride of betrayal. BC#9 representing the United State of Drum and Bass at DNB United Records delivers another soon to be classic to his jungle repertoire. Featuring vintage film samples, a Rhodes that strategically maneuvers the stereo field, proper 808 pounders, and an infectious groove, BC9 engulfs the listening experience to the fullest. Partitioned by the state of the Selecta, this track gives one breathing room at moments, then with clever transitions, such as samples from the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, quickly pulls you back in the receptacle of the vibe. Jungle Demon co-produced by INVALID encompasses the “BC9” epitome found on many of his previous releases into a single composition. In April of 2018 Invalid arrived at the underground HQ's of D&B United to collaborate with BC#9 for the USODNB Neurofunk podcast. The podcast would go on to be voted number one by the listeners. Over 40k fans proved they loved it by voting, reposting and rebroadcasting it. It would be soon after that talks of creating together became must not a maybe. Not to mention deep mutual respect and friendship for one another was born. Sometimes you just meet the right person at the right time and brains collide. With multiple tracks in both producers camp being co-produced and completed it would be the jungle fever of late 2018 that infected both artists in a "massive" way. Jungle Demon had risen quickly to the top off the list to release. The first thing BC9 did was sent the beats to Invalid to produce, finish and mix down. Jonathan aka Invalid has an ear and talent in beat-making that I trust completely. When I want my snare and kick to have a certain sound it's Jonathan I call. Agreeing to put his magic in the beats we were off to the jungle. Invalid bringing his signature beat-making style and sound to the track allowed BC9 to focus on the other elements. It was agreed that by working together its success would also be sweeter when shared by both. We sent those stems back and forth both adding their time and skills to see the track reach its final stage. I had such a positive experience working with Invalid that you can count on more tracks to come. In the end, this turned out to be a collaboration. Even the artwork was designed and created by Xtene Sixteen and finished by Invalid.I have to also give mad props to Nik Hrycyk @Amethyst Studios UK who did a great job on the master. Thank you to all involved. Written by Jonathan Loeser and Jason Bakes.#JUNGLE #dnb

BC#9 came through again with visual substance to complement the track and story behind Selecta and the Jungle Demon. Confirming the futuristic approach to a timeless genre, the video takes place in a cyber jungle with the viewer riding alongside the Selecta and the Jungle Demon. Stunning digital architecture, action, and thematic visuals, back by the insatiable grooves, makes one feel as if they are watching an anime rather a music video. The video features artwork and animation by world renown visual artists Alberto Mielgo, Beeple, ​and Ash Thorp. The beautiful and thematic sun rise cover art was hand painted by DNB United’s Xtene Sixteen, inspired by the visual animation in the film. A stellar job well done by all the artists involved. The Jungle Demon Video is officailly released on Vimeo and YouTube.



Dirty drum breaks and filthy synth bass lines smoothed over with spacial textures; these are some of the traits that define the DNB entity known as INVALID. Southern California native turned Colorado resident Jonathan Loeser, a/k/a/ INVALID, is a rising producer with plans to provide the global drum and bass community with original releases indefinitely. Over the past decade, INVALID has acquired the skills and equipment that modern caliber drum and bass demands, both as an avid drummer and as a live audio engineer. Jonathan is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). With the support of music lovers worldwide, INVALID has plans to offer digital downloads, CDs, and limited edition vinyl runs on all future releases.

BC#9 is the founder of D+B United Records & the host of The United State Of D&B. dnbunited.com is a community of industry professionals who donate their time and skills to bring you a website and radio show that celebrates the art, culture and the evolving sound of drum+bass.​

We think this track has both a modern, as well as a classic feel to it, with an energetic vibe that takes you on a journey. The video helps to project that alongside the music. But if you just want the soundcloud link then here you go –DJ MalcolmMx Of Drum and Basslnes.com.

01. “Hold your Colours”. (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum 02. “Restless” (Joe Ford Remix) - Rawtekk 03. “Earthquake” Cod3x 04. “The Sirens” Mefjus 05. “Broken Pieces - ft Nihils” (Culture Shock Remix) - Camo & Krooked 06. “Lotus Flower” Logistics 07. “Sink Hole” Noisia (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 08. “Goliath” *Jungle Demon "Succa Rat" Deadcode (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 09. “Sunday Grunge” Whiney 10. “Hypnosis -ft. MC Subliminal” Revaux I normally don’t allow sound to destroy my ears live or in the studio. The raw nature of the latest DNB UNITED podcast figuratively and physically accomplished pure carnage of sound pressure upon my hearing. In this specific case, it was a rare privilege that I won’t forget. On Behalf of the UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS, hosts BC#9 and myself INVALID present a 10 track 30:37 Podcast of the latest blistering Neurofunk madness raging across the globe.Written by INVALID. Mastered by Adam Vinsant Groove Logic Productions. www.groovelogic.audio Mixed @Studio9 BC#9 Edited by Xtene16