Skantia - Unorthodox EP / Original Sin - Inertia /Zeds Dead & Delta Heavy Lift You Up Ram Record

Following his exclusive appearance on the latest instalment of RAM Records yearly drum & bass annual compilation with his track ‘See The Sun,’ it’s now time for Skantia’s debut full release on ProgRAM – unleashing a three tracker which is sure to help push his name further across the scene. From its suspense driven build, title track ‘Unorthodox’ moves with shuffling percussive breaks and layered electro riffs. ‘Run’ continues the pace, as stripped back beats are complemented by simple but effective bass stabs. Finally, the mood switches up with ‘Slapstik,’ where Skantia draws for guttural synth notes and scattershot edits, changing the tone from the previous two tracks while still making it a coherent whole. The ‘Unorthodox EP’ has a multitude of flavours and is just the beginning of Skantia’s journey as part of the RAM family. It’s 2019 and it’s once again time to get with the ProgRAM.

It’s been more than a year since Original Sin’s last musical excursion on Ram Records. Having debuted on the label with the vocal-driven ‘Lost’, featuring BB Diamond, he once again returns to the fold with something of a monster. ‘Inertia’ has all the trademarks of an Original Sin banger: an intro that slowly builds with its Bladerunner style atmospherics, this lulls you into a false sense of electronic security until, suddenly, you’re snapped back in the room. Then all hell breaks loose - jagged synths signal the arrival of the drop and then you’re slammed head first into an onslaught of relentless, stomping drums and rumbling low end madness. If you’re familiar with his classic cut ‘Therapy’ then think of ‘Inertia’ as it’s slightly aggier younger brother. Always a welcome addition to the Ram family, Original Sin has given us something that will be an essential in every DJ’s set throughout 2019.​