Original Sin - Inertia//Freek - Speech Therapy - FREE DOWNLOAD// Ram Records

It’s been more than a year since Original Sin’s last musical excursion on Ram Records. Having debuted on the label with the vocal-driven ‘Lost’, featuring BB Diamond, he once again returns to the fold with something of a monster. ‘Inertia’ has all the trademarks of an Original Sin banger: an intro that slowly builds with its Bladerunner style atmospherics, this lulls you into a false sense of electronic security until, suddenly, you’re snapped back in the room. Then all hell breaks loose - jagged synths signal the arrival of the drop and then you’re slammed head first into an onslaught of relentless, stomping drums and rumbling low end madness. If you’re familiar with his classic cut ‘Therapy’ then think of ‘Inertia’ as it’s slightly aggier younger brother. Always a welcome addition to the Ram family, Original Sin has given us something that will be an essential in every DJ’s set throughout 2019.

Freek – ‘Therapy’// ‘Lately’

Freek is certainly no stranger to the RAM/ProgRAM team. Previous appearances include the crowd-pleasing ‘Cobalt 60’ (supported by none other than Andy C), to his most recent offering ‘Human Being’ on last year’s ‘RAM Goes To Let It Roll 3.0’ EP. Freek found himself on ProgRAM’s first long-player offering ‘Encrypted’ way back in 2015, and now he gets his own chance to shine with the first of two standalone singles on Ram’s sister label.

‘Therapy’ is all about the bassline. Sparse beats and fills are swamped by the wave-riding hoover bass, which definitely makes its presence known. Featured guest MC Jack Knife adds a punk aesthetic, with a brash vocal adding extra bark to the production’s bite. Pushing things in more melodic direction is ‘Lately,’ where Freek displays a liquid edge to his usual dancefloor sound. For this he enlists singer/songwriter Chris Cotton, who brings crisp vocals over melancholic piano, strings and warping bass.

‘Therapy’ and ‘Lately’ are two examples of an artist growing in confidence with every new release, while showcasing versatility in the process. 2019 is already looking strong for Freek, and he says: “I'm really excited to get these two tunes out there as a single and I'm really happy with the complete contrast of styles. I believe having the A-side as a heavy hitting bassy stomper and the flipside the complete opposite - a melodic musical vocal number - is a great way to show off the different styles I like to work with.