Space Pirate Recordings Ripple - Crypto EP//Rampage Recordings SaSaSaS - Rampage Anthem VIP

Artist // Ripple Release // Crypto EP Label // Space Pirate Recordings Release Dates // 20.02.19 Hailing from the Czech and Slovak clusters, PmdR and Spill -commonly known as 'Ripple'- have appeared on the drum&bass landscape in 2018 AD. PmdR has a long standing history in both scenes as a promoter and DJ, while Spill has been steadily developing his production skills over the years. By the end of 2017, they decided to get their heads together and combine their talents into a common musical moniker. Their sound is a mixture of icingly clean drum kits and sublines with clear influences from the darker and more twisted sides of drum&bass. Having appeared already on a powerhouse festival like Let It Roll and their first singles showing up on Skankandbass, the duo instantly proves their worth. The bar has been set. With their Crypto EP on Space Pirate Recordings, the duo depicts a set of underground tales with a strong sense of mood, yet hitting deep and hard where they need to. Bearing the right combination of restraint and surgical precision, the Crypto EP raises the bar once again for this dynamic duo. Be it the digitized pattern frenzy in 'Crypto', the rhythmic funk in 'Watch Out', the minimal rolling approach in their collaboration with Furious Freaks titled 'Space Moth', or the twisted manipulation of vocal samples in the stomper 'Quake', Ripple's 'Crypto EP' is clearly the start of something special.


D&B supergroup SaSaSaS (comprised of Skibadee, Harry Shotta, Shabba D, Stormin, DJ Phantasy and Macky Gee) unleash a fresh new exclusive VIP of their Rampage Anthem. Rising to stardom as a result of performances at the inimitable 2017/2018 Rampage events, the collective gained props across the globe for their unique live shows and collaborative approach to drum & bass. Reworking their track from the label's 2017 compilation, SaSaSaS inject new bars and even more explosive production into the seminal anthem.