The long awaited ep from the talk of the town traumatize with support from chase and status randall groovrider nosia hype goldie the list goes on this is one of the most sort after artist there have been in a long time.

get ready for stereo yout pt 1

Big Freaks Audio have landed with a mission statement this week by concocting a compilation which showcases some of the best talent in their orbit, featuring Two Minds, Monotype and more. It's a six-track EP that's rooted in dark, techy tones and it fits in nicely with the abundance of tracks in this style at the moment, showing the label has its finger on the pulse of the scene. 'Danger' is courtesy of Two Minds and Monotype and it rests on a groove-filled, steppy percussive line that's built up around a wobbling low frequency vibe. It's the highlight of the EP for sure, but the others are also top-notch bits.




Massive new label launch! The phenomenal Russian Neuropunk podcast (which regularly clocks up over a milli views per show) has elevated into label mode with Teddy Killerz' Garud and Gydra's Bes at the helm. This massive three tracker launches this significant moment in Russian drum & bass with one collaboration and two solo workouts; the Gydra/Teddy Killerz collab "Miles High" takes the lead with its screaming turbine energy and rocket blasting riffs, it's followed by a heads down roller from the furry fire handlers before Gydra close the set with the subverted rave hammer "No Kidding" where a punctuated bassline does some serious pounding before a dreamy breakdown unfolds... Just like the bright future of this label. Go ahead Neuropunks, make our day!

Dr Meaker are a live band slash electronic music outfit who make incredibly unique hybrids of D&B and other genres, notably soul and funk. On this occasion, however, they've taken a distinctly different turn in the direction of the jump-up sound, including a feature with Kings of the Rollers star Voltage, over on Jungle Cakes.'Baddest DJ' is that aforementioned feature and it's a roller of the type you'd expect, with snappy drums underpinning a naughty set of siney wobbles and low-frequency inserts. 'Wisdom & Knowledge' is even further from the beaten Dr Meaker path, a full on jump-up number with pitched up synth lines and grating atmospherics. Top stuff guys.

dnbunitedrecords Jungle Demon, a tale of twists and turns, darkness, & the ride of betrayal. BC #9 representing the United State of Drum and Bass at DNB United Records delivers another soon to be classic to his jungle repertoire. Featuring vintage film samples, a Rhodes that strategically maneuvers the stereo field, proper 808 pounders, and an infectious groove, BC9 engulfs the listening experience to the fullest. Partitioned by the state of the Selecta, this track gives one breathing room at moments, then with clever transitions, such as samples from the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, quickly pulls you back in the receptacle of the vibe. Jungle Demon co-produced by INVALID encompasses the “BC9” epitome found on many of his previous releases into a single composition. In April of 2018 Invalid arrived at the underground HQ’s of D&B United to collaborate with BC #9 for the USODNB Neurofunk podcast. The podcast would go on to be voted number one by the listeners. Over 40k fans proved they loved it by voting, reposting and rebroadcasting it.

Coors Light & Mixmag present Source Direct in The Lab LDN The Lab LDN is powered by Void Acoustics: http://voidacoustics.com Still producing the mind blowing jungle twenty years on. Starting out as a duo and later becoming the solo venture of founding member Jim Baker, Source Direct is etched into nucleus of the UK’s hardcore scene. Backed by a discography dating back to the mid-90s across labels such as Astralwerks, Metalheadz and Virgin, Source Direct records stand the test of time for their visionary and twisted take on d’n’b and jungle. Source Direct output is still regularly cited as a key influence by pioneering producers of today, such as Batu, Paul Woolford and Joy Orbison, who sampled a 1996 interview with Source Direct in his 2012 club hit ‘Ellipsis’. Today, Source Direct is still firing on all cylinders. A back-to-back with Paul Woolford was the talk of Dekmantel last year, In the coming weeks he’s got gigs lined up at Budapest’s Akvárium Klub and fabric and re-releases of his 90s outings on Basement Records under the alias Oblivion are on the way. There’s also new Source Direct material which is exclusive to his DJ sets, and plans in the works for the Source Direct Recordings label. Don’t miss it. Sign up for guestlist to watch Source Direct here, and catch the live stream from 5pm GMT this Friday, February 15. Tune in live over on our Facebook page and re-watch on MixmagTV from 6pm GMT. For 2019, The Lab LDN will also shine a light on talented visual artists. This week's come courtesy of Kid Xanthrax, a multidisciplinary web presence focused primarily on animation and video art. Based in Montreal, Kid Xanthrax produces nu media 3D illustration, animation, motion design, drawings and music which has been released on their own experimental imprint Dream Disk Laboratories. Follow Kid Xanthrax on Instagram​.