Screamarts - Plugged Into / Hostile /Bad Taste Recordings/Instinkt - Arrival EP/N.O.H.A. - Process O

Screamarts - Plugged Into / Hostile Screamarts is a 23 Year old international DJ / Producer from Salzburg, Austria. He started out making music in 2012 and has kept enhancing his production skills to this day. Known for his dark yet melodic Drum & Bass sound we welcome him back for another session of digital meditation with these mind bending frequencies : “Plugged Into” and “Hostile”

Released March 27, 2019 on Bad Taste Recordings.

Instinkt - Arrival EP INSTINKT is defined as the basic motivation in human life. A dynamic group of Drum & Bass producers with the behavioral response that is critical to our survival as individuals and as a species...

Enjoy ...

Released March 19, 2019 on Bad Taste Recordings

Filip Motovunski is back with his first installment on Bad Taste for 2019 with a remix of "Process Of Living" by N.O.H.A., who rose to fame with their hit single "Tu Cafe'"

Released February 5, 2019 on Bad Taste Recordings