DC Breaks - Halo / Mankind 2019/Jack Mirror - Utopia/Viper Annual 2019 - Megamix (Mixed by: Nu Crimi

Nine years after the release of their pivotal ‘Halo’ E.P on Viper, DC Breaks are revisiting two of their oldest and most well-loved releases, ‘Mankind’ and ‘Halo’. A celebration of the duo’s long and incredibly successful career that has seen releases on Viper, Ram, Virgin and more, DC Breaks return to the label where it all started for something really special.

‘Halo VIP’ is a reimagining of their debut EP’s title track, maintaining the powerful atmosphere of the original but making it bigger and better than ever before. In revisiting the classic tune, the duo have been able to amp things up a notch, blasting their way through 2019 with this killer dancefloor weapon. By going back to their roots and using everything they’ve learned in the past decade, DC Breaks are able to deliver such a special, seminal release that will attract old and new fans alike.

‘Mankind 2019’ is another shining example of how far DC Breaks have come since its initial release. Capturing the energy and feel of the original, DC Breaks have infused a plethora of new sounds and techniques into the mix for a result that is exciting and fresh while still paying homage to their roots. Although DC Breaks certainly set the bar high with their initial release in 2010, the duo’s creativity and skills have unquestionably reached new heights.

While fans of drum & bass are often treated to VIPs of their favourite tunes, it’s not often a talent as prolific as DC Breaks is able to respectfully reimagine not just one, but two timeless tunes, in the way that DC Breaks have managed to. Exuding new levels of energy and creativity, these two tracks are set to demolish dancefloors across the globe, and are the perfect celebration of the duo’s roots on the label.

Released March 1, 2019 on Viper Recordings.

2018 was a big year for drum & bass; to celebrate, Viper Recordings have put together a compilation of the 35 best tracks to be released this year, including 11 brand new exclusive tunes plus one huge mega-mix.

A label that prides themselves as constantly being at the forefront of new drum & bass, the album is a curation of both the scene’s most well-respected veterans as well as a promising taste of up-and-coming talent. Covering the genre’s home in the UK as well as the best talent emerging from all over the world, the album is a celebration of diversity and strength, and a must-have for old and new fans alike.

The album is a hand-picked selection by label-boss Futurebound and celebrates the incredible diversity and strength of the genre the world over. With tunes from some of the genre’s biggest names like Matrix & Futurebound, Cyantific, Brookes Brothers, Koven, and Teddy Killerz alongside 2018’s hottest names to watch like Dossa & Locuzzed, Hillsdom, and Giganti, Viper’s Annual 2019 is an unapologetic recap of the most inspiring year for drum & bass yet.

The exclusives on the album are a testament to Viper’s ability to recognize breakthrough talent, including never before heard tracks from Dorian, Zombie Cats, Deuce & Charger, Madface, Jack Mirror, Toronto is Broken, NC-17, Trei, Reid Speed, Prestige, and Nu Criminals feat. Ragga Twins.

Both the perfect stocking stuffer and arsenal for any DJ, Viper’s Annual 2019 is the biggest and baddest one yet.

00:00: Matrix & Futurebound feat. Alex Hepburn - Live Another Day (M&F's Smoke & Mirrors Mix) 01:39: Deuce Charger - Dancing With My Eyes Closed 02:34: Toronto Is Broken - Aum VIP 03:18: Cyantific - Bloodline - Tantrum Desire Remix 04:46: Madface - Jungle 05:31: MEMTRIX - OXIDATE 06:26: Synergy - Red Line 07:32: Koven - Eternal and You (Muzzy Remix) 08:17: Dossa & Locuzzed - Shake 09:25: Reid Speed - Gwaan 10:31: NC-17 Replicant - City On Fire VIP 11:35: Zombie Cats - Eclipse 12:40: Jack Mirror - Assimilate 13:47: Trei - Out There 14:53: Madface - We Know 15:46: Dorian - The Eagle Claw 16:33: Nu Criminals feat Ragga Twins - Cant Test We 17:28: Prestige - Get It 18:34: Trei feat. The Upbeats - Tonto (Dub Elements Remix) 19:40: Flite - Titan 20:24: AKOV - Constellations 21:53: Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag (VIP Mix)

Annual 2019.

Viper’s newest exclusive signing is the incredibly talented newcomer Jack Mirror, who made his debut with ‘Assimilate’ on Viper’s Annual 2019. A label that prides itself on discovering the freshest talent, Viper head honcho Futurebound knew instantly that Jack Mirror would be a welcome addition to the ever-growing roster of talent after hearing just one demo. Sitting alongside names like formidable scene veteran Cyantific, funk masters Dossa & Locuzzed, creative masterminds Ekko & Sidetrack, and fellow new signee Giganti, there’s no questioning Jack Mirror’s productions are of the highest calibre. ‘Utopia’ builds a cinematic atmosphere right from the start, with a carefully crafted intro that carries a lot of dystopian themes and imagery. A captivating introduction evolves from something blissful and sophisticated, exploding with energy into a mesmerizing dancefloor banger without ever losing its harmonious allure. The flip side of the single, ‘Reset’, delivers a much more mysterious opening, with a charming melody and hypnotizing ambiance that is simultaneously light and airy with a delicate, ever-so-slightly foreboding aura. With such exceptional sound design and thoughtful arrangement, Jack Mirror is able to create an immersive atmosphere for the listener that speaks volumes to his skills as a producer. Proving once more that Futurebound’s ear is second to none, Jack Mirror is set to turn heads and establish his place in the scene with this debut single on Viper Recordings. Label: Viper Recordings.