Mefjus Manifest Remixed/Vision Recordings/ Free Download/Society Of Numbers

VISION invites you to download an exclusive copy of the full 'Manifest Remixed' album.

"Really happy and proud that so many amazing artists, who I all respect massively, participated in this whole project. Everyone delivered exceptional reinterpretations of the tracks and made me look at my own music through their eyes, which is an incredibly fascinating opportunity to get. A massive thank you to everyone involved and I hope you will like listening to this remix album as much as I do." - Martin (Mefjus)

Out now on all digital platforms.

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I am happy to announce that following the release of my album MANIFEST I will be touring a limited number of shows in a new format with a brand new concept: CUBED.Based on the journey I have taken in creating the album, I realised I wanted to create a stage performance that reflects the same standards I hold myself to working within the studio.This new concept is a way of translating my audio and visual ideas into one unique showcase, allowing me to demonstrate my ambition to form a more full and unparalleled performance experience.

DIVISION invites you to download an exclusive copy of brand new Society of Numbers. Every day, we're seeing the worlds of electronic music and hip-hop come together. This society is made up of Armanni Reign and The Upbeats, who've made noise for over a decade in the drum & bass realm, but have also dipped and dabbled in a number of different sounds. Society of Numbers channels all of the sonic wonderment they picked up outside of hip-hop applied in a hip-hop mind state.