Insomniax - V7 Saxon Street EP (Part 1)Viper Recordings

Producers Freshold and Renzo have both been making music since the rave days of the 90s and have since come together under the name Insomniax, a name that has since become synonymous with quality drum & bass music. The duo from the UK have been an integral part of the Viper family since signing in 2014, with a history of strong releases, like ‘Goldsmith Road’, ‘Crying Rain’, and ‘Uridium’, which hit the top of the charts on Beatport last year. Continuing to move from strength to strength and following the success of recent release ‘Foghorn’, the latest release from Insomniax is another solo production by Freshold, and a teaser from forthcoming EP ‘V7 Saxon Street’. A tribute to their old school rave origins, ‘V7 Saxon Street’ is an address many original junglists will know – the seminal Sanctuary nightclub in Milton Keynes. The first of the two tracks, ‘One More Time’, opens with an alluring atmosphere and captivating vocals that pay homage to Freshold’s roots in house music. Tempting the listener with glistening melodies and sultry samples, Insomniax slowly build suspense before dropping into something unexpectedly filthy – the ultimate dancefloor weapon. A wide array of influences come in to play, melding together seamlessly under the Insomniax brand. This one is big for old school ravers and new fans of the genre alike! The flipside of the single and second teaser of their forthcoming release is a much more ominous tune, painting images of being lost alone on an abandoned submarine in the murkiest depths of the ocean. Insomniax definitely show off their sound design on ‘Origin’, and are able to create a truly immersive atmosphere in just under five minutes. Another masterful fusion of influences old and new, ‘Origin’ together with ‘One More Time’ prove that their forthcoming EP is certainly something to get excited about – keep an eye out for Part 2 of their V7 Saxon Street series on the mighty Viper soon.

Released March 29, 2019 on Viper Recordings