Othercide Recordings Current Value // Far Layer (Othercide)

Artist // Current Value Release // Far Layer EP Label // Othercide Records Release Date // Beatport Excl. 22.03.19

CURRENT VALUE returns to OTHERCIDE RECORDS for the release of his FAR LAYER EP, which displays the furthest expanses of his sonic realm in true devotion to its title. With his past on OTHERCIDE RECORDS marked by 2016’s Rethink EP, CURRENT VALUE’s recent efforts have seen releases on labels such as Blackout, Invisible, & Methlab Recordings. Now returning to OTHERCIDE RECORDS, CURRENT VALUE debuts a four track EP that carries his aberrantly innovative sound further onwards to new boundaries.

DISPELLING FEAR opens the EP with reverent string swells that soar alongside a ethereal vocal before diving at full force into the track’s torrential drumbeat. Within, they are twisted and warped by the volatile harmonic environment within into surging basslines and oscillating highs in equal measure. The titular FAR LAYER immediately discards with any semblance of convention, opting instead to create a an idyllic sonic landscape that hangs effortlessly in the air. Driven by a delicate piano arpeggio, the track swells calmly to a lush crescendo before fading into nothingness with similar grace. Following such a melodic interlude, FERROMAGNETIC provides harsh metallic textures which create an exercise in contrast, wrapped tightly around the track’s pulverizing drums for a devastating mechanical fusion. The EP then closes with PHOTOELECTRIC, which doubles down on the distortion of its predecessor with its dissonant bell tones and shredded bassline ending the look into CURRENT VALUE’s FAR LAYER with a decisive tone.

FAR LAYER thus explores a diverse range of sonic environments, from its most beautiful melodics to its most visceral basslines all of which are unified by the technical precision and otherworldly tones of CURRENT VALUE as they transmit via OTHERCIDE RECORDS.