Safra - Panzer March #1# Bad Taste Recordings

Daniel Safra

was born in Bonn Germany in 1988 and started producing electronic music

at the age of 9 after discovering the music software : Fast Tracker and Impulse Tracker.

As a teenager he studied Jazz and Classical music as a drummer and composer in one

of Israel’s prestigious academies. At the weekends he used to sneak into raves and

underground electronic music clubs which was his first contact with Drum & Bass and

left him curious and inspired by its complexity and high production levels.

At the age of 18 (2007) a rough change came to the musician’s life. He was recruited to

the obligatory Israeli military service as a tank crew member (gunner). This extreme

experience significantly shaped the musician’s inspiration and mind state, pushing him

to create more aggressive sounds.

After 3 years in the army, Safra left to Toronto Canada and worked in the music

industry as a ghost producer with various songs being played on radio stations such as

Virgin Radio Toronto and many others.

2014 - Safra releases various collaborations with Zombie Cats that were released on

Eatbrain, Dutty Audio and Major League.

2015 - Safra moved to Chile and fell in love with fast sport bikes, an experience that

connected well with his musical taste and love for Drum & Bass.

2019 - Now armed with a new studio set up, Safra is charging forward with the first of a

two part series on Bad Taste :

Panzer March #1

which is guaranteed to rock DnB

listeners all around the globe.