The Outsiders - Entity EP (Korsakov Music) Rotterdam, Netherlands

Artist // The Outsiders Release // Entity EP Label // Korsakov Music Release Dates // : 26 March 2019 Beatport Excl. - 09 April 2019 Worldwide The latest release on KORSAKOV MUSIC comes courtesy of THE OUTSIDERS, who debut their ENTITY EP on the newly formed label from the eponymous DNB festival giant KORSAKOV. Driven by their focus on representing all parts of the drum & bass world in equal measure, KORSAKOV MUSIC marks the third release in their catalog with THE OUTSIDERS, who have made a name for themselves across labels such as Invisible, Fraktal Sound, & Vandal Recordings with their sharply designed sonics. ENTITY’s droning pianos provide a prelude to a powerful two part combo of a oscillating bassline and steady drumbeat, which play off of each other to the narration of a vocal that speaks of otherworldly encounters. The distant drums of SIDE EFFECTS quickly shoot to the foreground, their presence amplified by the interjection of a vocal sample that brings with it resonant basses and highs that sweep the track with their tones. Coming paired with SIDE EFFECTS is ANTIDOTE, which plays a familiar melody in parallel with its predecessor before dropping into a thundering halftime response to the former’s energetic atmosphere. REDUCTION further distills this essence before intensifying it, combining the roaring bass of SIDE EFFECTS with the stripped back drumbeat of ANTIDOTE in a devastating sonic fusion. Finally, SILVER ECLIPSE closes the EP as it began, returning to a melancholic piano opening that slowly rises to become an symphonic burst of electrically charged synths that sing out unrestrained in a final refrain. With the ENTITY EP, THE OUTSIDERS & KORSAKOV MUSIC deliver a unique EP that plays upon its own themes, bouncing between them as it constantly reinvents their best elements to excellent effect.