Muffler - Half Light / Puzzle Program/Ram Records Mob Tactics - LDN Bass

With around two decades worth of releases behind him, Finland’s Muffler is a producer with serious credentials. Adding to the list of established artists who’ve graced ProgRAM with tracks down the years, he delivers two contrasting cuts to expand its ever increasing catalogue. Kicking off his ProgRAM debut with ‘Half Light’, it’s an unrelenting assault of jungle drums and a pulsating buzz saw synth line that cuts through the noise like a machete. Awash with old school atmospherics, ‘Half Light’ is Muffler pulling his interpretation of drum & bass’s foundation sound directly into the present day. ‘Puzzle’ is a jazzy, piano driven liquid roller: tight breaks, punchy horn samples and subtle vocals drift in and out of focus. It’s one to listen to and get lost in. ‘Half Light’ and ‘Puzzle’ gives you the rough and the smooth – and is another release to signify that you need to get with the ProgRAM.

Last year saw a double dose of Mob Tactics on RAM. They dropped their debut single ‘Dreamworld / Convoy’ in the summer plus their contribution to the Drum & Bass Annual, ‘Bigfoot’, rounding off 2018 in suitably large fashion. Now the deadly duo returns with another smasher. ‘LDN Bass’ is a weighty, in your face anthem guaranteed to obliterate speaker boxes all over the place. An ode to all things rave, it takes you from the queue to the main room - building with classic rave stabs and chipmunk vocals before it gut punches you on the drop with an aggressive, driving bassline. ‘LDN Bass’ perfectly combines nostalgic elements with high quality, contemporary production. Mob Tactics continue to add to the impressive collection of tunes they’ve contributed to the RAM catalogue; ‘LDN Bass’ sets the bar high once again.