Zombie Cats & Vegas VOID/Pre Order Now Bad Taste Recordings April 19th

Bad Taste label boss from the legendary ‘Bad Company UK’ team up to serve you this mind bending, core aligning, experience of sound.

Since the Zombie Cats had their first contact with Bad Taste in 2015 on their hard hitting ‘Zombots’ release, they had promised each other to at some point join forces and experiment with their common vision of D&B. As of 2019 these two forces were set to collide and this time they got sucked into a


Resist nothing as there is no more fear. Open up and fall inside yourself. You’ll have no recollection of what happens after that.

To launch this collaboration, Bad Taste has hand woven and lovingly crafted a very -Limited Edition- collection of caps and t-shirts, available at the Bad Taste store.