Love all the haters, offing the opposition. Protect the walls of ancient trees and reborn leaves, a savage in all right. It is said for those who come to stay with pure intent to take, a fierce medicine will soon be delivered. A medicine to survive is the synergy of life with the guardians to be the last to fester.

INVALID’s latest release, Medicine, is a two track single to released on DNB United Records, Friday April 5th 2019. The Single includes two jungle tracks at 176bpm - Medicine (4:35), and Synergy (4:41). Medicine will be available for download and stream on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Tidal. Previews are available now at invalidproductions.com/music . Cover Art by Sadie Lewandowski @slewwski. Mastering Engineer Nik Hrycyk @Amethyst Studios UK.

Buy link- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/medicine/1456424052?i=1456424296


Invalid’s Medicine EP is pure fire! Invalid delivers a two-track Drum and Bass and Jungle EP that stands apart from the rest by taking a modern approach and blending these two genres to create and produce a true style and sound of his own. Following his recent Jungle release with BC#9, Jungle Demon, Invalid definitely caught the Jungle fever and has carried that style into his latest release. I would like to point out that in the world of D+B and Jungle there are many sub-genres, giving artists the opportunity to cross and mix elements to create their own unique sound. Invalid proves once again with both Synergy and Medicine that you can blend traditional and modern sounds to create something that is truly original and significant. Invalid has a trademark sound all his own that I love. Synergy opens with a toy piano sound, giving it that old school Jungle sound right out of the gate, followed by the funk if the bass, hooking you immediately as the backbeat drops you into the pocket of the tracks foundation. The melody that follows the vocal break dances atop the funk foundation, delivering layers that build into a musical journey. Amen breaks and dub style ghost snares have me in the jungle so deep that I don’t want to leave when the track ends I am still wanting more. There is definitely a worldwide market of Junglists and DNB lovers who want more postmodern Jungle and have a hard time finding artists that will take chances and deliver tracks like Synergy. I am happy to say that it is happening right now in America! That’s right, right here in the USA. There is more to come, as well. Medicine is the second track, and the first time I heard Medicine in pre-production I knew this was my favorite track from Invalid to date. First of all, this is straight up Jungle right out of the bush, South Africa style. With the message “Love da Haters” as the track mantra, Medicine embraces a positive attitude and catapults you into the breaks and the groove daring you not to dance. It’s a straight-up banger, period! The syncopated beats and fat bass, followed by the old school vinyl scratching chirping “ wok wok wok wok” as thick and ethereal pads breathe life and textured colors into the track, you realized that this is something exciting and primitive while retaining a completely sound and approach. The cover art and the video are part of a total package that says Invalid. Invalid wanted to give his listening and viewing audiences a complete and professional release. In the post-vinyl market today, so much is lost when all that is available are streams and downloads. Not the case with Synergy. Drum+Bass United Records is proud to release the Synergy EP and we look forward to what the future will bring us from Invalid.Written by DNB UNITED RECORDS Founder Jason Bakes.





BPM: 176

AlbumType: Single - Digital Release

Tracklist: Medicine 4:35, Synergy 4:41

Mastering: Nik Hrycyk @Amethyst Studios UK

Cover Art: Sadie Lewandowski

Released: Fri April 5th 2019

DRUM+BASS UNITED RECORDS PRESENTS: JUNGLE DEMON BY BC#9 & INVALID. Two Drum+Bass producers come together to create the story and sound of Jungle Demon and Selecta, the galactic DJ. The video and the track tell the story of Selecta and Jungle Demon as they ride through the lost city. The video was created by Jason Bakes a/k/a BC#9, using clips created by multiple artists. The voice of Vincent Price is featured in a clip from the film “House On Haunted Hill”. The artwork for the release was created by Xtene Sixtene & INVALID. Video clips courtesy of Alberto Mielgo, Beeple, and Ash Thorp. Jungle Demon was Produced and mixed by Jonathan Loeser a/k/a INVALID @invalidproductions. Mastered By Nik Hrycyk @Amethyst Studios UK. 2019. Video created by BC#9 Jason Bakes. Video clips courtesy of Beeple, Ash Thorp Cornelius Dämmrich, Alberto Mielgo, used under the creative commons license, Studios UK 2019. Video created by BC#9.Buy Link- itunes.apple.com/album/id/1449854433