Abstr4ct - Busy / Overflow

The RAM crew first knew of Abstr4ct’s presence back in 2013 with his remix of Loadstar’s ‘Dr. Karg’ from their ‘Future Perfect’ LP, which also featured on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 6’ compilation. Honing his craft since then, the Brazilian producer debuts two original works on ProgRAM. ‘Busy’ doesn’t give you much time to introduce itself: an electro synth note rises then collapses into a snarling, growling bassline. It comes underpinned by minimalist percussive elements and guttural, pitched down vocal snippets. ‘Overflow’ keeps things pared down to the basics – a stripped back roller. The bass and atmospherics do most of the work here, creating a deep cut with a techy edge. Harvesting talent is something ProgRAM prides itself upon and Abstr4ct is definitely one to keep an eye on. ‘Busy’ and ‘Overflow’ provide further evidence that it’s all about getting with the ProgRAM.