Cyantific x Eudaimonia - 4 Years Viper Recordings

Undoubtedly one of the most respected names in the scene, industry veteran Cyantific has long been at the forefront of a unique, 80s-infused niche of drum & bass that has lead the way to decades of success. Since signing to Viper, Cyantific has played at virtually every major festival around the world, gained support from everyone from Annie Mac to Andy C, and continued to progress his own unique brand of drum & bass. His first release since last year’s ‘Bloodline’ LP on Viper, the legendary Cyantific returns with a brand new single. Teaming up with producer Eudaimonia, ‘4 Years’ marks a strong return to the scene. Opening with signature nostalgic energy, the track’s cinematic intro carries strong 80s vibes and a euphoric atmosphere. Bright pads and enchanting vocals lead the way, slowly building up into a powerful dancefloor drop. Mesmerizing and vibrant, ‘4 Years’ delivers classic Cyantific with Eudaimonia’s spirited edge and colourful flare. Bold, blazing, and buoyant, the track is packed with upbeat energy. Reminiscent of old video games, classic sci-fi and Cyantific’s unique, sentimental vision of the future, this one is set to bring joyous ambiance to clubs and bedrooms the world over.

Released May 1, 2019 on Viper Recordings