Locked Concept Human Research LP Remixes

Artists // Release // Human Research LP Remixes Label // Locked Concept Release Date // 18.05.19 LOCKED CONCEPT debuts LCKDLP002 in the form of the HUMAN RESEARCH REMIXES, a 12 track remix EP featuring a diverse array of reimaginings of the entirety of label boss LOCKJAW’s Human Research LP which marked the first LP on the label in September of 2018. Whilst maintaining the deft & technical sound of the original work, the HUMAN RESEARCH REMIXES further expand its boundaries with the addition of the far reaching tonal and textural palettes of 12 artists from across the realm of Drum & Bass. XTRAH extends the vast atmospheres of PASSING, the LP’s collaboration with Current Value, setting its glassy pads soaring before dissolving them in the depths of its droning bassline and echoing snare. Similarly, the remix of WITHOUT YOU provided by GREY CODE further amplifies the track’s rave influenced atmosphere, chopping its chords and bolstering its boisterous atmosphere alongside a drumbeat that struts with utmost confidence. The contemplative melancholy of VELVETEEN ft. QUAILS receives a remix from ORDURE, who drives its vocal hook upwards before flipping into an elastic synth riff punctuated by the track’s signature guitars and surrounded by the lustrous elegance of the full vocal. SURVEY’s remix of SECOND CHANCE pursues yet another path, opting for a dark & funk tinged atmosphere wrapt with melodic pulses and the surging oscillations of its bassline atop a rapidly flowing drumbeat. With the HUMAN RESEARCH REMIXES, LOCKED CONCEPT transforms LOCKJAW’s striking Human Research LP, further diversifying its already myriad timbres across a broad sonic spectrum whilst maintaining its unerring devotion to precise technicality. The result is a poignant extension of the original LP’s thematic direction, driven anew by the imaginative variations provided by the artists featured within.