VALE Primate // Intrinsic Promo Mix

VALE is excited to host the meticulously crafted works of Brighton-based artist PRIMATE a.k.a. Joe Vince. An interplay of spacious fleeting sounds and galactic vibrations complement PRIMATE’s signature drum work to create a one of a kind DnB experience with the INTRINISC EP. It is impossible not to imagine yourself darting through asteroid fields with the planets and stars at your back, when enveloped in the sounds of COSMOS. PRIMATE then elevates the intensity with DESTRUCTION, akin to the feeling of epinephrine surging through your veins as you watch a celestial body disintegrate into space dust. The INTRINSIC EP closes with GRUB, a fast-paced hope-inducing track reminding you that the presence of even the smallest organism means life can prevail. With INTRINSIC, VALE and PRIMATE hope to use DnB as a vehicle to transport listeners to places they could only dream, minimizing the separation between humans and the final frontier. Release Date // May 06, 2019