MethLab Disprove // Stratos & Triflux (MethLab)Release Date // 13.06.2019

Artist // Disprove Release // Stratos & Triflux Label // MethLab Recordings Release Date // 13.06.2019 DISPROVE returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS with his latest single STRATOS//TRIFLUX, a pair of high speed tracks drawing sonic influence from their namesake vehicle. Following last year’s Hard Problem//Automatic release on the METHLAB RECORDINGS label, DISPROVE has seen interim releases across labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, C4C Recordings & DIVIDID and now brings his sharply technical sound back to METHLAB RECORDINGS with this pair of equally-honed sonic sequences. STRATOS leads into the single with its slow ticking music box melody, which slowly gains momentum before launching at full tilt into a burst of syncopated snares and electrified tones that set the track surging with energy. This same energy is carried forth into the darker sounds of TRIFLUX, which quickly shoots forth from its brooding atmosphere at a breakneck pace, wrapt with percussive flurries and rapid bass stabs powered by the pulses of its constantly morphing melody. With STRATOS//TRIFLUX, DISPROVE marks his return to METHLAB RECORDINGS with two overcharged tracks that thrum with power. In combination with his strikingly sharp production, the result is a devastating pair of artfully-stated dancefloor annihilators transmitted.