DET // Ocha (Vale)Cover Art by Lost Signal & Viktor Kadic

After a long hiatus away from multi-track releases, the mad genius DET returns with a soulful two-track EP on VALE. While typically known for his schizophrenic compositions, DET explores a new side of music driven by pad and refinement with the OCHA EP. Opening with the title track OCHA, impossibly addictive noir rhythms and fleeting vocals set the stage for a beauty in devastation. DET then follows with the inconceivably smooth, downright mind-enslaving track HOMIE. This song is simply an obsession; works of this nature don't come along often. With the OCHA EP, DET Proves his capacity to exceed at multiple musical styles, this time conquering the delate nuances and patterns of garage. VALE is honored to work with such a talented artist and pioneer of the modern day experimental scene.

Release Date: May 27, 2017.