Med School’s master of melodic drum & bass bliss Etherwood AKA Woody- Lost In The Right Directio

Med School’s master of melodic drum & bass bliss, Etherwood returns with his 6-track release ‘Lost In The Right Direction’. Since his third album ‘In Stillness’ Etherwood has been travelling through western Europe in his converted camper, breathing in the inspiration that the French hills of Munster and German hikes through Tennenloher Forest have to offer. Alongside his own vocal performance he’s brought in the talents of New Zealand’s singer/songwriter Thomas Oliver, as well as Brighton-based Phoebe Freya. As an alchemist of atmospherics, Etherwood has introduced a blissful collaboration with Hospital family favourite, Thomas Oliver on ‘See The Sky’. His soaring high notes across Etherwood’s serene beats and moving riffs drive through for a powerful, heart-wrenching drum & bass ballad. ‘Clouds’ is a treat for the senses from start to finish, shimmering D+B soul comes equipped with a moving vocal lead from Phoebe Freya, gentle keys and gorgeous guitar solos. Plus, Etherwood brings through his warm vocal tones on ‘Driving Out’ and ‘The Night’, the latter steering into down-tempo trip-hop territory. In this sonic re-imagining of his travels and experiences throughout the world, are the hypnotic liquid instrumentals ‘Lulerain’, packed with accents of east-asian instrumentation, and ‘Away From It All’, that calls back to Etherwood’s signature sound. For more info:

Released June 14, 2019 on Med School Music

Tomorrow sees the release of my most recent batch of tunes. At the beginning of last summer I decided to head off in this camper van and see where the wind blew. I passed through so many countries and so many different sceneries, often stopping on the side of the road amongst hills and valleys to get down whatever was in my head and other times just stopping for a piss, a coffee and a bag of cashews.

The road is an endless source of inspiration and it birthed this collectionof tracks in their rawest form. I was driving without music in the van, to the soundtrack in my head and it felt amazing.

I guess my next album might be written in space or deep in the Amazon but for now, these tracks document a very special time in my life and I’m proud of them.

Also need to share mad love for @thomas_oliver_music and @phoebefreya. Two amazingly talented humans that I’m so proud to have on this record and mad mad props to Phoebe who was 9 months pregnant when she recorded Clouds. Peace and love always Etherwood x

Lost In The Right Direction is out this Friday and it’s pressed on this badboi clear vinyl.​