Chrizpy Chriz - Retrieving Light (VALE) Release Date June 24th, 2019/ MethLab Radio // 062 (feat. VALE Guestmix)


Artists // Chrizpy Chriz
Release: Retrieving Light
Genres: Bass/IDM/Neuro
Label // VALE
Release Date: June 24, 2019

CHRIZPY CHRIZ makes his triumphant return to VALE with an other worldly array of mind distorting bass music. The RETRIEVING LIGHT EP is a collection of dark and intense sound design experiments that eventually find a luminous escape. DREADLY WOOK brings a violent psychedelic hammer equipped with distortion and ominous reverberating basslines. BROKEN FUNCTION, the forgotten cousin of ‘Scattered’ from CHRIZPY CHRIZ’s previous EP, is a misfit of arrangement and electronic chirps that exist in a state of defiance. The sound of being near consumed, SPEED NOTES emits a hyper aggressive state chasing you down the empty hull of an empty space cruiser. At this point you reach peak terror, the darkness reveals itself in the form of DEMONIC, a sonic thrasher oozing rage. A quick maneuver allows the narrowest escape, and ahead a sole beam of hope shines true. RETRIEVING LIGHT is the portal to safety, an escape into the space beyond, leaving all of the shadows behind, buried in the past.





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