Ripple - Falling Sky EP

RIPPLE present their self released FALLING SKY EP, the first such EP from the two part production duo. Representing an inaugural statement for the project, FALLING SKY displays a multifaceted approach to Drum & Bass that is shared by the project’s two members, PMDR & SPILL. The titular FALLING SKY features the vocals of LIFESIZE MC, who provides an energetic vocal introduction to the EP alongside the electric pulsations of the track’s cyclical bassline. VIOLET features additional collaboration by NO CURE, who combines with RIPPLE for a track sweetened by the oscillations of its brightly harmonic chords and gently drifting saxophone melody. A second track with NO CURE follows in the form of BE LIKE, which contrasts its predecessor with a wistful atmosphere driven by its flowing drumbeat, melancholic piano and a distant vocal melody that glides across its surface. Closing the EP is the LOSE, which carries its electrified melody across a landscape of soothing sonic atmospheres for a synthesis of sounds both pronounced and distantly sublime. With their FALLING SKY EP, RIPPLE presents a strong initial definition of their sound, placing a focus on sleek & effortless sonics across the EP’s four tracks.