Druid Records Audiomission Release // Mechanical Movement & Mind Activation (DRUID)

BEATPORT EXC: 30th July 2019 RELEASE DATE: 13th August 2019 1. Audiomission - Mechanical Movement 2. Audiomission - Mind Activation

Druid Records is an independent drum & bass label based in Essex; a place known for its place within the drum & bass scene as well as the part it’s played in its expansion. Neurofunk had always been their primary sound choice and this can be seen through the high calibre releases they’ve been delivering through the imprint. Always leaning heavily on the genre’s darker side, Druid Records have dropped release after release of undisputed, tear out yet technically adept records. The next part of their discography is from Audiomission, an artist who’s taken his background from the contemporary underground jungle and drum & bass world through his own lens, with his Bristolian backdrop only going to heighten his awareness of the cultural shifts and how his music has helped move them. As a key member of the GYRO Soundsystem, his music spans across the roots and dub influences, merging these with the cutting-edge styles he’s well versed in. Feisty yet feel good, his cuts have already received support from household names such as Aphrodite, DJ Hype, Rockwell, Phantasy and Psychofreud, whilst he’s played on stages with artists who are just as formidable. Audiomission’s double-sided single ‘Mechanical Movement’ and ‘Mind Activation’ take you through the motions of what Druid Records have at their disposal. ‘Mechanical Movement’ leads you into a seismic drop through the lower depths of Audiomission’s production, the type which rattle with their sonics and tightly woven rhythms. The power that thrives between the layers of ‘Mechanical Movement’ is clear to hear through its driving motions and bit by bit you’re pulled along for the ride amongst its growling vocal samples. ‘Mind Activation’ is the flipside and it gives another insight into Audiomission. It follows a similar path to its forerunner, building element upon element until its weight is undeniable. Audiomission provides two extra parts to the Druid Records catalogue, proving why even years later from their inception they’re still pushing boundaries and providing ample competition to imprints who’ve followed the same route in recent years. With music provided from artists like Audiomission, Druid Records is set to retain their title.