Lockjaw // Unconscious EP/ Locked Concept Podcast Vol. 93

LCKD020 marks a milestone for LOCKED CONCEPT’s catalogue. The label unveils LOCKJAW’s new collection of sonic works, his UNCONSCIOUS EP to put a stamp on the label’s catalogue. The label boss himself drops four, brand-new auditory sculptures in his most significant release since his album, HUMAN RESEARCH. AUTOMATON opens the EP with cold and spacious textures that give way to a militant backbeat that’s as hard as it is unforgiving. OPTICS provides a familiar, musically-tinged introduction which soon gives way to manic and precise basslines that fizz and pulsate as they masterfully develop. INFERENCE then brings the EP back to a more vintage sound with rolling drums, rave sensibilities and and unrelentingly dark basslines. The title track, UNCONSCIOUS, closes the EP with paranoid pads, twisted synths and thumping drums which carry an esoteric level of funk. With LCKD020, LOCKJAW presents his vision for a more stripped back and clinical-sounding release on LOCKED CONCEPT that is sure to rattle teeth on dancefloors world-wide.

Welcome to Locked Concept's new podcast series.

We wanted to have an opportunity to play all kinds of our favourite music without having to worry about mixes or styles and also have the chance to talk about some of these things and all other music related topics. We've also added a Focus section where we pick 5 tunes each week from a genre, label or artist to look at in a little more depth.

1. Lockjaw - ??? [Locked Concept] 2. Om Unit & Djrum - Ruins [Cosmic Bridge] 3. Nami Rizzle - Give You [Overview] 4. Calibre - Let It Rain [ThirtyOne Recordings] 5. Colony - Apex (Vector Remix) [Tesseract Recordings] 6. A.Fruit - Music Last Forever [Medschool] 7. MISSIN - Surging [BNKR] 8. Newa - 80s [Klockworks] 9. M-zine - Fete [Dispatch Recordings] 10. Lewis James - Response [None 60] 12. Neve & Synth Ethics - Tierra Ft. Kwality [Overview] 13. Oliver York - U No [None 60] 14. Dissident - Explicit Implicit [Dispatch Ltd] 15. Om Unit & Synkro - Reflections [Cosmic Bridge] 16. Alia Fresco - Ordinary Thing [CNVX]