RAM Records Original Sin - Real Junglist feat. MC Felon / SyRan - Paradigm EP

Original Sin has already flexed his weight with two releases on RAM this year and makes his third appearance of 2019 with ‘Real Junglist’. Following ‘Inertia’ and ‘Animal’, ‘Real Junglist’ still boasts throwback vibes with a modern sound - something Original Sin is infamous for throughout his work on the label, showcasing the integral part he plays within the current roster. Featuring MC Felon, it’s a tear-out cut with punchy breaks and chains of colliding drums. Each patch of melody bridges these sequences and blaring, nostalgic pads add to the old-school foundation vibe. 'Real Junglist' is another addition to the distinguished catalogues of both artist and producer combined.

Coming via the RAM demo inbox and with tracks currently getting the Andy C seal of approval - including in his Rampage 2019 set - you may not have heard of SyRan: but after their debut EP you’re definitely about to.Not much is known about the duo, whose minimal online presence allows their music to do the talking for them. From the warped, stuttering low end of title track to the long drawn out bass and breaks of ‘Seen Savage’, the EP rounds off with a naughty VIP version of ‘No Laughter’.‘Paradigm’ is the sound of two producers ready to break out from under the radar with support from the biggest label and DJ the scene has to offer. SyRan are ones to watch.