Current Value // SENEX LP//Abstract Elements // Tenderness EP//Chrizpy Chriz // Unstable EP//Anthony

CURRENT VALUE returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS with his SENEX LP, which features twenty one of his most technical and innovative sonic works on the like-minded label. A twin release with its more upfront & riotous cousin PUER delivered via Souped Up Recordings, SENEX displays its half of the CURRENT VALUE sound with an expansive array of sonic sequences marked by their forward thinking sonic character and the singular timbres for which CURRENT VALUE is known. SENEX & PUER are psychological archetypes that we are all made up of - SENEX representing wisdom, experience, thoughtfulness; PUER representing playfulness, mischief, humour. With this joint LP project between two of the upcoming labels of our time—METHLAB and SOUPED UP—Current Value is able to express each side of his creative personality distinctly, with the two LPs creating a distinct picture of this pioneers sound today.

Aagentah // Vask EP