PREVALE VA/ Various Artists /(Bandcamp Exclusive)The PREVALE VA compilation is a selfless effort to

Artists: Various Artists Release: PREVALE VA Genres: Various Release Date: Oct. 16th, 2019 (Bandcamp Exclusive) Label: VALE The PREVALE VA compilation is a selfless effort to support the artistic pursuits of one of the most talented young stars in our scene, voljum. Disapproval of voljum's electronic music pursuits led to the destruction of his laptop, leaving him without the necessary tools for production and school. The PREVALE fundraiser is designed to raise money for him to purchase a new laptop and to demonstrate our unwavering support of his immense music skills and potential. Within this collection of tracks you will find an impressive degree of diversity and unwavering quality from our current colleagues and incoming producers. The fundraiser window will be open until November 13th. Art by Viktor Kadic & voljum