Locked Concept Sorse - Dusk EP// Guest Mix

Continuing as an outlet for the deeper and less dancefloor-centred side of drum and bass, the next LOCKED CONCEPT PERIPHERY series welcomes German duo SORSE to the catalogue and to the label. The duo unveil their DUSK EP for their debut. VOIDS opens the EP with cold and wistful pads that give way to a hypnotic melody that transports the listener over the bass which carries the development of the piece. CLOUDS ups the percussive ante with jungle-inspired drums underneath a vista of melancholy pads and synths. HYBRID brings the pace back down with intricate percussion and melodic development which unfurls as the track progresses, with beautiful instrumentation at every section. The title track DUSK closes the EP, providing a sense of finality and conclusion to the EP with skillful arrangement of emotion-driven chords and melodic fragments. SORSE make their mark on LOCKED CONCEPT with an expertly mature EP full of restrained yet incredibly emotive, forward-thinking drum and bass that draws the listener in further with every visit.