IN:DEEP Futical // Dark White EP

Another wicked release from IN"DEEP.FUTICAL.Making his debut by flexing his production skills with complex patterns and haunting soundscapes while never loosing the organic soul of composition.I was very impressed with the sheer diversity of this release and the range of emotions it evoked.Well done.Jason Bakes //BC9.

FUTICAL comes to IN:DEEP Music to present his debut release with the DARK WHITE EP, a curated collection marked by the producer’s deep and soulful sound. The alias of Marek Řehoř, FUTICAL was born in the collision between Řehoř’s background as a pianist and his technological studies in 2014. Since then, FUTICAL has been an active part of the Prague Drum & Bass scene as a DJ and honed his production talents, a pursuit which has borne fruit in the four deftly crafted tracks of the DARK WHITE EP which he delivers for IN:DEEP037. Beginning with the ominous industrialized tones of its title track, the DARK WHITE EP quickly display’s FUTICAL’s compositional talent upon the foundation of the track’s rock solid low end. From here, FUTICAL provides an EXIT marked by the electric hue and klaxon tone of a bassline that is given ample room to reverberate within the EP’s concrete construction. The surface level of REPORT 44 is swept by gusts of cold harmonic high end, providing an atmosphere in which a garbled radio transmission is met in response with a sequence of razor sharp percussion that slices through the static. Cleared of these harsher elements, WHY U settles into and wistful groove for the EP’s most emotive track, asking its guiding question amongst the echoes of filtered keys and a swiftly flowing drumbeat before fading into nothingness for the EP’s final notes. A landmark first release for FUTICAL, the DARK WHITE EP sees the Czech producer create a unified sonic space across its four tracks that evolves from the stark atmosphere of its initial selections into the warm ambiances of its closing number. Across all four tracks, FUTICAL displays a commitment to an expertly restrained and deeply focused arrangement that allows each finely crafted element to resound with utmost clarity. With a clear talent for sonic sequences that share a descriptor with the IN:DEEP name, FUTICAL’s DARK WHITE EP finds an eminently natural home on the label for IN:DEEP037.