Shadow Net Recordings Stench man - Killswitch (Obeisant Remix)

Shadow Net Recordings is a label designed to encompass all genre's of Bass Music from Dnb, Half Time all the way through to house. If the bass hits right it makes for a good night. Emerging onto the scene at the end of last year the label has some heavy hitters and some brand new up coming acts in the wings ready to do some damage. Following a succession of releases on platforms such as Critical Recordings, Ram Records (ProGram), and Locked Concept, Obeisant has recently been featured on Rene La Vice Radio One show in the UK with his track "I Adore You" Stenchman is no stranger to the bass music scene and has been a heavy weight since the early days of dubstep, with an extensive amount of releases under his belt on labels such as Prime Audio, HENCH, Moo Vinyl & many more. He is a true pioneer of the bass music sound and Shadow Net Recordings are truly honoured to have him. Here Obeisant delivers an exuberant analogue take on the lush digital sound scapes provided by Stenchman in the original release. Utilising outboard equipment combined with digital studio technology, both masterminds attitude and style merge perfectly in the evolution of the Shadow Net Sound. Venturing away from the usual trends, this really is an ever evolving journey from start to finish. With an intro that lifts you up into the sky, then plummeting down into the driving core of this rollers engine, picking up the pace and utilising the rush of endorphins. A very well crafted remix with a few surprises makes this it's own unique piece.