VALE Result // Bone Bender EP

Surging from his debut EP receiving major radio and media attention, RESULT returns to VALE once again with a five-track crushing EP aptly named BONE BENDER. Encapsulating the adrenaline of the game winner as the clock hits zero, BUZZER BEATER opens the EP with unhinged neuro bass energy. Lights strobe and neurons fire erratically as SPASM and its' relentless distorted trikes reach chaotic levels. The title track BONE BENDER leverages cinematic progression with frenzied neuro designs contorting the skeleton itself into irregular shapes. RESULT follows with a halftime track that absolutely brings the juice in SWAGGER, boasting endless rising energy and oomph. Somehow exceeding the tension and ferocity of those before it, FEUD closes the EP with neuro meets tech, a track designed to crack dancefloors. The BONE BENDER EP is another clear leap in the rise of RESULT, while VALE continues its ascent as the bleeding-edge of the next generation of neuro producers.