Camo & Krooked x Kolonovits & Orchestra - Red Bull Symphonic// Hospital Podcast 417

In what was “the biggest challenge of (their) lives”, in February 2020, Austrian drum & bass duo Camo & Krooked collaborated with the legendary composer Christian Kolonovits to mix electronic music with symphonic sounds and perform live with a 74-piece orchestra. After several months of dedication the result was ‘Red Bull Symphonic’, premiered with two exclusive shows in an even more exclusive location, Vienna’s Wiener Konzerthaus, a first-choice venue for the world's leading classical composers. Needless to say, the result was spectacular and now alongside Red Bull’s Assembly Required documentary, Hospital Records are releasing the full showcase as a 22-track live album. Featuring the pair’s biggest and best-loved hits all performed by the 74-piece orchestra, this is a drum & bass album like you’ve never heard before. Hailing from Austria, Camo & Krooked have dominated the global drum & bass scene since signing to Hospital Records in 2010. These soundwave scientists can normally be found touring across the world bringing their unique DJ sets to adoring crowds. During a time of global isolation in which this album has been released, it can provide a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies and dynamic range of live drum & bass from the comfort and safety of your own home. Allow yourself to be transported to the incredible Wiener Konzerthaus to enjoy the uplifting musical experience of ‘Red Bull Symphonic’.

Released May 7, 2020 on Hospital Records.