Intrinzic Music Debut Release // INITIUM Various Artist LP//Bristol

Featuring: Synergy Sound, Stasys, Maynix, Culprate, Kursa, Aenak, Seppa, King Break Intrinzic Music is a new record label based in Bristol, UK, concentrating on an eclectic variety of bass music, with influences of Jazz, Halftime, Jungle and Electronica. The aim is to explore emotion and context, events and environments, combining content and reality. Intitium derives from the Latin meaning of beginning. As an album it contains a dynamic selection of compositions. As a full conceptual piece, it represents our style as a record label, as well as our sonic horizons. The first 4 tracks represent a pallet of jazz and groove, while the remaining 4 explore saturation and timbre. Featuring an array of talented artists both established and upcoming, who naturally delve into exploratory realms, the Initium VA offers a view into the label's playful yet serious direction.